In the name of… Privacy!

How many works we can’t publish! We would like to share all of them with You on our portfolio but as often happens, for privacy reason we can’t, so we keep all these precious experience for us.

I love big parties, they are so much intimate. In small ones there are no privacy
Francis Scott Fitzgerald

So I leave You a little gallery of meaningless pics, unpleasantly censored, but always with my equipment.

palazzo ducale larino

Palazzo Ducale in Larino (CB) – Works in progress

3D Scan of “Palazzo Ducale” (Ducal Palace) in Larino, a pretty little city of Molise, a lovely Italian region. The Palace is used also as city Hall. This scan was made in high resolution capturing photographic HDR textures. The final result will be used to create a virtual tour inside it for the touristic industry.

Virtual Reality won’t merely replace TV. It will eat it alive.

Arthur Charles Clarke